About us

According to the booklet, Leerdamdruk is a printing business; however, what it really is, is a brand ambassador: a graphical specialist that monitors and consolidates its customers’ corporate identities. This is done with the use of scintillating, high-quality printed matter for every conceivable means of communication; from packaging and labels all the way through to promotional materials. Our pursuit of top quality is evident from our impressive list of references, as well as from our international awards: ample proof that quality and creativity always pay off.

Every man to his trade. An open door, but one that is more current than ever in the communication industry; after all, every discipline demands specialists that are complete experts in their trades. For example, in the fields of online, print and marketing communication: Three disciplines that come together and form a strong unity in Communicatie Centraal. Whenever you or your assignment needs it.

Communicatie Centraal is the umbrella concept of Arxx, advertising & marketing, Clixxoo online communication and Leerdamdruk printing & digital production. Three independent partners that bundle their strengths to develop integrated total solutions under the Communicatie Centraal flag.